Polka-Dotted Bralette

Pattern: my modified Pin-Up Girls' Classic Full-Band Bra #1200
Material: ponte and lace
Cost: $5

Today I'm posting the second of two bras I recently made in an attempt to fill out my bra collection. 

Now that I've got my pattern down, it is actually kind of fun to use all the supplies that I've gathered and play. This one is made in white ponte with a black, polka-dotted lace from Fabric.com (no longer available). The best part is that I had a matching fold-over elastic from my local Fabric Outlet for the inside. Isn't that fun

This one can't be worn under all my tops, but the colors make me so happy that I don't care. 

Here it is on. I may not have the biggest girls in town, but that's no reason that they shouldn't be the best-dressed! 

Nude Lace Bralette

Pattern: my modified Pin-Up Girls' Classic Full-Band Bra #1200
Material: ponte and lace
Cost: $5

Since making my first properly-fitting bra, I haven't been able to wear anything else. Having one that fits comfortably is such a dream! Of course, this means that the few bras I've made have been getting a lot of wear. Time to make up a few more!

Today I'm sharing my first of two, a nude lace underlined in ponte. 

I tweaked the shape slightly by rounding out the top of the cup, and I am still working on modifying the back of the pattern to fit my particularly small band size. It fits well, but ideally I'd like to have it fit on the last clasps instead of the first, as this allows you to tighten the band as it stretches over time. 

 I also experimented, against my better judgement, of using the fold-over elastic as the wire channeling. This is a no-no, as the wires are already poking through and need to be repaired. I need to buy me some proper channeling! Overall though I'm very happy that I was able to quickly crank out a couple new ones.

I am wanting to experiment with a new Merckwaerdigh BHS10 soon, as I am finally starting to feel ready to start the whole grueling muslin process all over again. Maybe this fall? And I'll post my second bra up later this week!

Summer Scout Tee

Pattern: modified Grainline Scout Tee
Fabric: 2 yds gauze
Cost: $10

Last week was my birthday! (26!) To celebrate, of course, I had to make myself a new top. 

I bought this gauze on a whim, and I love how flowy and ethereal it looks. It's really easy to wear, and supremely comfortable. The only thing that got me in trouble was when I dipped the end in BBQ sauce at my party. 

To make the ruffle, I cut off the Scout Tee pattern at the waist and added a gathered rectangle that was as wide as I could cut it. Sew, hem, try not to stretch the crinkly fabric out too much, and done in a few hours. The garment is sewn with french seams throughout, my absolute favorite way to finish a woven top. 

For the Fourth of July weekend, we headed down to my childhood home in Santa Cruz, drank margaritas, entered the annual sand castle contest and, of course, posed for blog pictures in the garden.

Here's hoping this next year brings as much joy as the last one!

Made by Meg in Print!

I'm very excited to announce that I have a couple of tutorials appearing in this edition of Love To Sew!

Love to Sew is a relatively new (to me at least!) magazine published in the UK that prides itself on its blogger contributions, beautiful photography, and features for new sewers. I am thrilled to appear alongside the likes of Rachel Pinheiro and her dyed denim dress, and Portia Lawrie, demonstrating her signature kimono tee, among many talented others. Along with dozens of simple tutorials and projects, it also features some gems for the more experienced sewist, including four pages of garment design elements and their proper names, and an interview with Eleanore Klein of Deer & Doe patterns. 

As for me? On pages 113-117 you can find my tutorials on how to sew patch and in-seam pockets, shot fresh and written just for the occasion! I think it came out quite nice if I do say so myself!

In this world of blogging and online learning, I must say that I still cling to the few sewing and knitting magazines that I have in my stash. Getting the opportunity to appear in print just makes everything feel so concrete!

If you're in the UK, take a look at issues on newsstands at WHSmith, and readers everywhere can check it out at here

Progress on the Stashbusting List

If you've been following along with my little sidebar list (pictured below), you'll see that I'm making some progress on my stashbusting for the year! Unfortunately I haven't been able to stop buying fabric (damn you Bay Area Sewists and last minute trips to Fabric Outlet!), so I can't say that there is much new room in my cabinet. Someday...

Nevertheless, I have sewn 17 things off the list so far this year, and that is worth mentioning! There are a couple lingering projects from newer materials on there that I want to get to, some winter-appropriate fabrics that may have to wait until fall, and that mend-it/UFO bin, which I never seem to want to start on. But I think once I get through the things on the first four categories, I'll make myself a new stashbusting list.

If you are interested in getting some support on your stashbusting, Sally of The Quirky Peach is running a Summer Stashbust, where you can join the convo and start posting your finished makes!